In the city known for house music, one Chicago DJ is adding his distinct sound to the mix. Meet Charles Protegé;  apprentice of music & master on the 1’s and 2’s:
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Sprite Rule 81: Get up. Dress up. Show up. #Back2School
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What is your favorite Freestyle Sprite mix?
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Sprite Rule #17: Only the thirsty need apply!
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Saving the world from thirst.
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You can’t lose no matter what you choose…
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Sprite fam, we’ve teamed up w/ 7-Eleven to help you beat the heat this summer!
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A party ain’t a party unless Sprite #6Mix ran through it. #SpriteSound
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You can’t go wrong with a limited edition #6MixSlurpee
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The hottest #DJ in your city is______. #SpriteSound
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#FlashbackFriday: Bumping the #SpriteSound.
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#TBT: Sprite circa 1970.
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